Jack Tacoma

About Me: 

I am a Ministry Specialist with Home Missions, Eastern Canada.  My work is coaching churches towards toward renewal.  I am married to Tet, 3 grown children and 3 grand kids.  I work from my home in Guelph, Ontario.  In my former life I worked as a structural engineer for 25 years.


My interests include historical novels, leadership, harmonicas.

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The Challenges of Church Renewal

Renewal in congregations is usually intentional. It’s often messy too. Some people feel threatened while others are overly eager. And often leaders give up. It is hard work — even though it is holy ... What questions do you have about the journey of church renewal?

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The Journey of Three Lands and Two Rivers

There is a journey of renewed identity that some churches experience. They remember fondly the fruitfulness in their land of the past. Then they cross the first holy river into the desert where, through prayer and holy conversation, they climb the jagged mountains to discover renewed vision. They cross deep valleys

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Alligators and Coaching

When a group of people, like a congregation, is up to its collective neck in alligators it can take a while before a good collective decision is made and even more time before there is enough collective will to proceed into the agreed-upon action. I think that coaching is an effective way for the congregation to converse.

Church Coaching
  • “Give me one reason to stay here, and I’ll turn right back around.”  This was the plea of Tracy Chapman in her popular song of 1996.  This is also the plea of people who reluctantly leave the...

  • This is great topic  Ray.  The photo with the post shows a welcome sign at the entrance to a dining hall. It reads something like: “Youth Leaders: meet your mentor”. Mentoring builds youth...

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  • Hi John,

    If what you what you want from a 2 hour vision meeting is a some kind of plan for the future, then there are lots of ways to accomplish that.  And there are very few "rules" if any...

  • A Wild Thought:

    Since we have, according to some sociologists, 5 or 6 generations in a typical congregation (Builders, Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, Millenials, etc.) I have an idea.  Some...

  • Amy, that is a great Leadership Exchange report.  And it certainly lays out the need for more mentoring.  I have not seen this report before, but it should be read by all church leaders.  GREAT...

  • Hi Karl,

    This is to link congregational leaders with young folk and younger leaders. 

    One church has recently started a program whereby this is being done on an informal basis with...

  • Another church has a GREAT IDEA, well a great question anyway!  Is there a web-based program similar to DATING WEBSITES that can be used to match mentors and mentees?  Can Facebook be used for...

  • Coffee Shops seem to hosts for small groups in many towns and cities.  And just like on Canadian Air Farce they meet regularly, share opinions freely, some times share feelings, and do a lot of...