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Suggestions for Sunday School With Only a Few Kids?

We're a smaller church and our Sunday School teachers are having a hard time because we only have a few kids and they're all different ages and levels and not all of them attend regularly. Any tips?

Sunday School
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The past couple of months have shown me how important hope is in our lives. Without hope life becomes meaningless for many people; so meaningless that life can become optional or even undesirable to them. Paul tells us that there are 3 key things ... but the greatest of these is love. I'm not going to argue with Paul, but I'm seeing that without hope there is no

  • Justice is an important biblical principle, and certainly there were miscarriages of justice to Mr Khadr, yet there is also the need for justice to be seen to be applied to those who were risking...

  • Thanks Karen, we are considering stopping Sunday School as it is and do something intergenerational with the entire church, something like WE, but on a weekly basis and then tying it into our...

  • Thanks for responding Caryn,, some great ideas here, I appreciate your willingness to take time to help us out, I will take your suggestions to our Sunday School leader and this will help us get...

  • The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer is always a good read and another I have found helpful is The Equipping Pastor by R. Paul Stevens and Phil Collins which is a systems approach to...

  • Hi Ben, I don't know of specifically Reformed/Presbyterian spanish speaking churches in Montreal, there are small gruops that get together that flow out of a couple of the churches in the West...