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James Dekker

About Me: 

I've been a Christian Reformed pastor since 1977, raised in Chicago. In 1978 I first dragged my wife Rose and two children to Costa Rica for language training for work in Latin America. It didn't take too long for Rose to very seriously hear her own call. I thank God for that and for her daily. After serving for ten years as Refugee Coordinator for the CRC in Canada, working for World Renew in the Burlington, Ontario office. She is also a trained spiritual director.

We have three grown daughters, scattered from Ottawa, Ontario to Grand Rapids, now one in Columbia, Missiouri.

Erika is a pastor/chaplain/mother. Her husband Tim Postuma works with CRCNA Communications and once in a while still helps run this Network; he used to like the free labour he got out of his father-in-law; we'll see if that "like" resumes as the f-i-l starts blogging again for The Network after not doing so for a year. Erika  and Tim have  twins, Lucas and Ella, plus Caleb JAMES!

Middle daughter Anna lives in Ottawa, now, She is lawyer working for the Department of Justice after delivering Adele during law school at the University of Western Ontario in December 2007. In September, 2011 she took maternity leave--a year in kindly socialist Canada--after giving birth to Japheth Adrian. Husband Jason Grootenboer teaches part-time at Redeemer Christian High School in Ottawa to take care of the children while Anna turned to full-time work early in 2013.

Youngest Jessica is a splendid knitter, ex-barista, English major (Calvin College, 2005) and dog lover. Her partner Liz Lucas  took a Master's degree in journalism from Missouri State University and now heads the department in computer-based research in journalism (or something like that) in Columbia, Missouri, where she interned while a student Back in Columbia, Jessica still works on-line for Looped Yarnworks, a knitting and yarn shop she managed while in Washington, D.C. as well as for her cousins mini-fabric pattern empire called Fabrics by Rae. Jessica still exports samples of warm goodies to family and friends regularly. Their adopted dogs Darby and June are almost as lovable as was my my German Short-Haired Pointer Dakota, but half the size, though Dakota shrunk some over her last three years because of diabetes AND a hyper-active thyroid. (We've put more $$$$ into that dog than into most cars I've driven.) Dakota now rests until Resurrection Day bundled in her pillow under an apple tree in our backyard, as a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary (wearing a colourful rosary) hold a permanent vigil.

I retired at the end of June, 2013 as pastor of Covenant CRC in St. Catharines, Ontario. So now, I ride my bike around the Niagara Peninsula more often than before, long to cross-country ski, which happens only rarely here. Canoeing happens regularly with hand-made double-bladed paddles, sometimes in wood-canvas canoes I've restored but haven't sold yet. My daughters are getting restored canoes when I get around to them. In March 2014 I became part-time Pastor to Missionaries (a.k.a. "Member Care Coordinator") for CR World Missions, meaning I write to and Skype with missionaries all over the world and occasionally lead on-field spiritual retreats.


Bike-riding and -repairing, canoeing and restoring canoes, reading, writing (NOT arithmetic), hiking, camping, cooking, husbanding, grandfathering, etc.


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Of Rob Ford and Pastors

For two decades ever more frequent scandals involving clergy have surfaced in many communions. Many of those crimes were covered up by bishops or other denominational judicatories. Small wonder that surveys that measure trust in people in public positions of authority have ranked clergy as low or lower than politicians...

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A Tale of 3 Cities

I went to the Art Prize and saw a huge mug pouring translucent brown liquid into a vat ... proclaimed Grand Rapids as “The Beer City” according to some craft beer industry survey. I wonder: What centre have we lost? What should we do to rebuild or establish a real centre more lasting than the head of a schooner of beer?

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We Believe. Help Our Unbelief.

I still cannot comprehend these facts three weeks after it all began. They've been playing in my head like a wicked song I can’t turn off. My response is not unique. Why does this young man’s death and his family’s grief make such a deep impact on so many who never knew Tim Bosma?

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Time to Pack ‘er In!

Synod and Summer 2012 have come and gone. Where I live the weather was hot and dry. Some synod discussions and debates surely may have been hot, in committee, over mealtimes and in plenary sessions. But from what I heard and gleaned, they were never dry. Nor was the Synod Network conversation.

CRCNA and Synod
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From “neat and tidy” to “graciously messy”

As the church order implications of our recommendation were discussed in 2011, a motion was made from the floor to delete one sentence from article 59 of the church order: “This public profession of faith includes a commitment to the creeds and confessions of the Christian Reformed Church.” That motion was discussed and approved without comment from our committee, but the instant it was passed we realized that we had blundered in our silence.

CRCNA and Synod
  • Thank you, Jack, for this honest memoriam. I never knew Ken well, but appreciated his pastoring at Calvin where we came to know him a bit when we visited our daughter and son-in-law and family...

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  • I've been wondering for some days now what the push is for churches to "reopen." The doors may be shut and offices functioning with only office staff, but the churches are not closed. As you say,...

  • Don't we have to register ahead of time for the webinar? If not, will we find out only on May 27 if it's full?

  • Thank you, Phil. I've done that several years running with alcohol. I was frankly surprised how easy it was when there was simply no alcohol in the house. Even while travelling and eating in...

  • Goodness, what an astonishing confession with the remarkable double focus--confession and resolution to active reconciliation. Thank you so much, Syd and noble daughter, for finding and posting...

  • Thank you, John Tamming, for this provocative commentary. First of all, I'm not sure if the generalization can be demonstrated that pastors are reluctant to visit parishioners, though I DO know of...