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About Me: 

I am a woman of a great faith so I am told. I was commissioned in the Presbyterian Church as a Lay Minister. I have suffered a terrible permanent short term memory loss and am not able to preach to a congregation now. I am saddened by this, however the Lord has other work for me. I am a person with multiple disabilities and a single mom with a learning disabled child at home. We are comfortable with our lives as we have made God the centre of it. Without God my life would be dead and so would my son's life.
We now attend a CRC and really enjoy the people and the music ministry. My son has become more involved as he has the Cadet program now to attend. The church is a central focus in our lives as it is how I manage my day to day issues. I love God with my heart and soul as is stated in Deut 6:4-9 and live by this principal.
Prayer is the second most important thing in my daily life. I enjoy praying for people and for situations..I find it most rewarding and fulfilling. I am proud to be amongst those in the CRC as I see you dealing with issues of the Disabled. I am a Disabled person and I am accepted as a whole person in and by the church I attend. I am happy about that and I believe that God sent me to the church we attend as my disabilities are many and they treat us so well. We love our church and the people in it...We have a good life because of God the Father, Jesus Christ the son and the Holy spirit. We are happy to be counted amongst God's Children and always will be. All Glory and Praise be to God the Father.
May he always find favour in us His children.


Praying, reading Christian literature on Prayer, quilting, knitting, chilling with my son..spending time with our cats and cleaning house.

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Concerns About an Elder

I was a member of a congregation that elected a man to become an Elder without knowing his true background. What next steps should I take?