Janice Heerspink

  • Bonnie, thank you for this. I didn't see your post nor the comments, but I did see this topic in other places. On Facebook I saw several people who said she should not have commented about this...

  • Good news. Carol, you will be a gift to this office. I know they will love you and you will enjoy this work a lot!

    Aunt Jan

  • Lou, I will miss your posts. I guess I'll have to walk next door for tea. jan

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  • This is a beautiful reminder of how we can minister to others. Thank you for this post!

  • Thanks for this wonderful summary of the life of Ed Dobson, Lou. We should all be more like he was.

  • Thanks, dear neighbor, for helping us think outside the box. 

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  • Jesus Love Me is timeless and ageless.

  • Joyce, thanks for making the points that musicians have (almost always) had years of lessons and practice and have to put in time planning. And that they must purchase music on their own, which is...

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