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I work for Christian Service Ministries, a ministry of Classis Chicago South.  We exist to provide training for elders, deacons and other people involved in care-giving and outreach ministries.  We also provide resources and networking opportunities.  


outreach, care-giving, discipleship, disability concerns

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Elder Visitation in the 21st Century--

How many of the CRCs in NA can say that their elders are doing a fantastic job of consistently caring for the people they are assigned to shepherd in their "district" (either a regional district or alphabetical). Are your elders making visits? Are they welcoming families/ couples/ singles to their own homes? How are they connecting with people so that they are doing what they vowed to do at their installation into office: shepherd God's people? Churches in the Chicagoland area are wrestling with these questions. It seems that the elders are afraid to visit; they are too busy or they think...
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Male leaders, you are invited to a seminar sponsored by Christian Service Ministries on Thursday, July 19, 7-9 pm at Calvin Christian Reformed Church in Oak Lawn. "Why Churches Struggle to Help Sexual Strugglers...and what can we do about it?" New technologies in the past decades have led to the explosive growth o porgnography use in our society. Most experts agree that half of the men in our churches are struggling with sexual temptation, and many of these men are experiencing internet pornography as a full blown addiction. It is devastating marriages, families, and churches. Yet, although...
Leadership Development
  • Yes, I have been familiar with VIS for a long time and would heartily recommend their expertise.  I also would recommend Volunteers In Action in Denver, CO (another ministry established by CRC...

  • We have started reading 24 Christmas books for 24 days of Dec. at our house. I admit they aren't all Christian books, but there are some really delightful books out there. Sunday I cried reading "...

  • Christian Service Ministries (ministry of classis Chicago South) has also written a 12 month "deacons devotional" based on the charge given to deacons.  If you are interested in seeing it, jot a...

  • Congratulations and best wishes for you and your son! 

  • Here is a devotional I wrote in 2013 as part of 12 months "deacons devotional" dissecting the "charge given to CRC deacons."  I serve in the ministry of Christian Service Ministries funded by...

  • It is true that people around the world are more similar than dissimilar! How much greater to share stories that unite believers in Christ-- no matter what their race, gender, or socio-economic...

  • Thanks, John, for being blunt. We are concerned that many churches don't train the new elders, just like you said your church does not.   I will see what we come up with and then hopefully we can...

  • I was part of Thornapple Community Church, R.C.A. 18 years ago that put this idea into practice.  It worked wonderfully and I always wished the CRCs I was/am part of would adopt this idea.  It...

  • Are people other than tri-classes elders and pastors invited? 

  • I haven't heard of the Chicagoland one yet; yes, please let us know.