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Facing My Future as a Leader of Today

During the month of July, Calvin Seminary hosted a program called “Facing Your Future” (FYF). The program brought in thirty grade 11 and 12 students who are actively involved in their church. This year I was one of the lucky students selected for Facing Your Future.

Youth Ministry
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Why Ask Why?

I have a two-and-a-half-year-old daughter. Her favorite question is “why?” When she first started doing this, it was endearing; however, at this point, I’ll admit, it can be more than a little annoying. And yet on another level, Sophie’s constant questioning is an important reminder about the necessity of repeatedly asking “why”.

Youth Ministry
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Revisioning Youth Ministry

While numbers are an important tool to help a youth worker gauge the relative health of a ministry (I always keep attendance for my own records), high attendance does not always mean that all is well in the group or that youth are being transformed by the Gospel...

Youth Ministry
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Youth serving on Council?

Our council is creating a council appreniceship program for mature teenagers to serve on council as either apprentice deacons or apprentice administrative elders. I'm looking for wisdom in strucutring and developing this program - have any other CRC congregations tried this? What guidelines were in place? How did things work out? Thanks!
Youth Ministry
  • Albert,

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom on this - very practical information!

    My question is this - while "tweaking" programs is important, what happens when it comes time to complete...

    posted on: Why Ask Why?
  • Thanks for the welcome and encouragement, Albert.

    I'm definitely "in" for the CYWC and I hope many other Canadian CRC youth workers are able to attend as well - it will prove to be a...

  • Paul,

    Thanks for your leadership and wisdom over the past year.  You're leaving big shoes to fill!


  • There is a great booklet available from Faith Alive called "So You've Been Asked to be Mentor".  I give it to all our adults who serve as Profession of Faith and leadership mentors to our youth....

  • A few weeks ago at a Classis meeting, I was part of a group of youth pastors from Classis Toronto (and beyond!) who gave a presentation on Youth Ministry in the CRC.  You can find the presentation...

  • I should add that one of the things our congregation is doing is hosting a few intergenerational events throughout the year (Games Night, Music Fest, service projects, etc.)  They are...

  • There is a huge difference between being "multi-generational" and "inter-generational".  Most churches are, by default, multi-generational churches; that is, they are a congregation where more...

  • Private groups is a great idea...


    Here is a great short article on why youth stay connected to churches: spoiler alert - it has nothing to do with how well they were entertained...



    Thanks for sharing your wisdom on this.

    I appreciate the way you’ve described “fun with a purpose”, especially as it pertains to relationship building.  I totally...