Jay Van Groningen

About Me: 

I love the Lord! I am married to Laura, wonderful wife, mother and grandmother. We have 4 children and a growing number of grandchildren.

I was employed by CRWRC (now World Renew) for 26 years. I birthed and was Executive Director of Communities First Association for 9 years.

I have served as Elder and Deacon multiple terms. 

I am passionate about christian community development and neighborhood transformation. I am an Asset Based Community Development trainer and coach by profession.

To join God's redemption story being seems to require a commitment to redemption of people and place. 

  • When I entered Broadway UMC a few years ago, I was struck that the hallways were lined with photos. Not of previous Pastors, but of neighbors. Each photo had the person's name and listed their...

  • I am a lay leader in the church.  – “I wish Calvin Seminaryprepared students more in ….?  Another way of phrasing the focus might be – “I hope that Calvin Seminary provides training in ….”


  • How about:

    1. Money is the currency of charity

    2. Once a Deacon then an Elder

    3. Benevolence is for members of the congregation

    4. Only Deacons can make decisions about...

  • The second edition is an improvement. Chalmer's is learning from the feedback and addressing the readers concerns.

  • Seems like a church (institute) can feel pretty good about itself as agent of "pure preaching" even if members do not engage in the redemption of the neighborhoods or cities they occupy using this...

  • Hi Rod, its been too long... 

    I appreciate the love and care the letter shows. There are three other possible dimensions to this that I want to suggest:

    1. This woman and her family...