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Jeanne Kallemeyn

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I am a wife (to Preston), mom (to two sons and a daughter, and their spouses) and grandmother (to five grandsons and six granddaughters). I'm a native of Edgerton, Minnesota and attended Calvin College many years ago. Since moving to Hudsonville, Michigan 30 years ago I've been a member of Georgetown Christian Reformed Church, where I was on staff from 2000-2006. Before that I worked in the office at Hudsonville Christian Middle School for 12 years. Since 2006 I've been working for the CRCNA denomination in the Office of Pastor-Church Relations. My focus is non-ordained church staff.


I love to garden (vegetables) and make salsa using many of the vegetables I've grown. I love all kinds of sports. I like to knit and I play the organ at church.

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When a pastor leaves a church, for any reason, what are the implications for church staff?

When a pastor leaves a church, for any reason, such as taking a call to another church, retirement, leaving the ministry, what are the implications for the remaining staff at that church? How do they continue doing ministry? Do they now have a new "leader?" Where do they look for direction? If you have experienced that situation and could guide others going through it, I'd like to hear from you, and I think others would, too. Are there resources, such as articles or books, that might inform that time of transition? This topic came up at a recent meeting of the Staff Ministry Committee (SMC)...
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