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Lent Series Preaching and Worship Ideas

It's too late to share ideas for Advent but as my Christmas gift to anyone who will take it (and in hopes of getting some fresh ideas back in the process) here are a few Lenten series I've done in the past. 

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Post Baptismal Use of Waters of Baptism?

I am sure I am not going to ask this correcly, but what are the "liturgical limits" of using the font/waters of baptism in worship times that are not, strictly speaking, baptisms?

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Assumptions about Deacons

Some years ago, the Christian psychologists Henry Cloud and John Townsend published a book called "12 "Christian" Beliefs that can Drive You Crazy." In it they detailed some common beliefs about life and psychological health that people often assume are Biblical. The book was written in the hope that people will critically reflect on these assumptions, and ask themselves if they truly emerge from Scripture. The Diakonia Remixed report, and hopefully the process that is emerging from it, may be an opportunity for us to do the same when it comes to the office of deacon. It is a good time to...
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Network Changes?

Just noticed on the BOT report about the changes to the network, that it will no longer be run as a seperate does this affect how things will be run, posted, etc...I have enjoyed it and want it to continue. I appreciate all the work the various forum leaders and website coordinators have put into it.
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  • I think that Paul Hiebert has written on guilt/shame/fear societies.


    I would be interested on further reflection as well, on the shift that seems to be going on within Western...

  • Edward,

    Here is something that I think would be a great investment for our denomination, a short video walkthrough of our denomination's history and current ministry. Maybe there is one out...

  • Does anyone know why this information is no longer published in the yearbook? It would only be an extra ten or twenty pages.

  • Alex, that's a great question and one that I'm glad you're getting the opportunity to wrestle with.  Maybe the first thing that we should look at is defining our terms.    What do you mean when...

  • Gordon is where I got a DMin but they have a lot of offerings. I would check out their Shoemaker Center or talk with Steve Macchia who works at the Pierce Center for Disciple Building.

  • Bruce,


    I've benefited from what Gordon-Conwell has offered--they have several programs, and it looks like it would not be too far from where you serve.

  • Doug,

    I've found it helpful to think of missional as an aspect of one of the attributes of the church spoken of in the Nicene Creed--one, holy, catholic and *apostolic* church, an apostle...

  • Gin,


    Keep up the good work.  If there has been turnover in youth group leadership lately they may be testing you as to your response.  In that case it may not be as much about a...

  • Terry,


    I've noticed that with all of the discussion around decisions made at Synod 2016, very little was said about the delegation of deacons to Synod, the first time that this has...


    I appreciate Mulholland's insight.  In a world of "niche" spirituality, he urges us to not only appreciate how God has made us but also how we need to sometimes "play against type" in...