Jeff Fisher

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Professor of Theological Studies at Kuyper College (2012-Current)

Ph.D. Candidate at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (2009-2012)

Ordained in the CRCNA (2004)

Served Unity Christian Reformed Church - Prinsburg, MN (2004-2008)

Taught at Evangelical Presbyterian Theological Seminary - Kathmandu, Nepal (2009)

  • While, in theory I agree that we shouldn't need a change in the Church Order, it seems to me that the language (jargon) of Article 17 and its supplements functionally operates as if the article is...

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  • Thanks.  But that is for the whole article, isnt't it?  I wanted to "like" Dr. DeMoor's comment.

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  • Where's the "like" button on here?  This is definitely the best solution in the current situation.

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  • Paul,

    In my experience most of the time Article 17 was also because of conflict between the pastor and the church--until I decided to go back for my Ph.D.  That's the very reason why...

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  • Thanks Kathy, Ken, and Al for pointing out some of the glaring omissions from this post on Article 17.  In the interest of “full disclosure,” I am a minister who was released under Article 17 (...

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