Jeff Wiersma

About Me: 

I am one of the volunteer band leaders at New England Chapel in Franklin, MA. I am the father two awesome boys who love rock n roll as much as their Dad does.


Music, spirituality, politics, Boston sports teams, blogging, writing.

  • Beautiful Things by Gungor.  Great message obviously, but also it uses the pronoun "us" in the choruses.  This nicely counters the rabid individualism of our consumer culture.  

  • I am going ahead and changing my chord sheets for this song to "love of God was magnified" as we speak

  • I always change the lyrics when I come across bad theology in praise music (constantly) and hymns (occasionally). The rapture is bad theology and the act of a band leader letting it be articulated...

  • We open with a non-church song that relates to that week's theme so that any and everyone coming into the hall can feel welcomed and relate (part of the Double Ramp Model that we utilize)