Jeremy Taylor

About Me: 

The son of a music minister, I grew up surrounded with musical influences. I was raised in Southeast Alabama and graduated from Troy University with a degree in Computer Information Systems and now live in Atlanta working in the IT field. Outside of work my interests are almost always connected to music and how it relates to congregational life. From Sunday morning services to Hymn Sings in someone's living room I pursues a Gospel-centered worship philosophy that strives to be reverent and participatory.
I am a member of East Point Church in East Point, GA and I try and help with the music by singing and playing the guitar.
I am engaged to Christy Norwood and we are to be married in November, 2011.


“I have taken my good deeds and my bad deeds and thrown them together in a heap. Then I have fled from both of them to Christ, and in Him I have peace.” - David Dickson 

  • The way I think of worship practically happening is that it is a response to a revelation. Specifically in the context of a church service, it is a response to God's revelation. Worship starts...