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Communications Takes Courage

I find there’s a major disconnect between churches wanting to improve their communication and actually doing it. The challenge is that these conversations require knowing the church's mission and vision.

Church Communications
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Mother's Day Planning for Your Church

While Easter and Christmas often monopolize your planning efforts, research from LifeWay suggests you need to be intentional about preparing your Mother’s Day service as well. 

  • Hi Ellen-

    I'd be more than happy to take a look at your bulletin.  You can email it to me: jclark [at] crcna [dot] org.  


  • Meredith, I understand your point.  We just have a difference in opinion about what constitutes accusatory language.  

    Thanks for sharing your concerns. I hear what you're saying. Hopefully...

  • That's a great strategy and a good filter.  Thanks for sharing.  

  • is certainly not my intention to put down anyones work.  My goal is to help people think more intentionally about communications.  How to strategically share information in the...



    I'm not sure I have an answer for everything, but here are some thoughts.

    I did a quick Google search and found a variety of examples:  Most of them...

  • Good point Mark.  It's always important to know your audience.

    By the way, you're website looks good!  Nice work.

  • Hey Pete.  I just talked with a guy from Faith Street today.  I'm really excited to hear what they're doing.  Seems like it's actually helping people connect with churches. 

  • Yes, overkill is a concern.  That's why it's always inportant to look at your overall communications plan to see how things like your website, email and social media all work together.  Maybe you...

  • That's right Paul, non-profits get the business account for free.  Sign up information is here:

    In general it's good to keep personal and professional...