Jerry Van Oyen

About Me: 

I am a retired CRC minister, Seminary class 1957.

I have served the Hills CRC in Minnesota, Pella Calvary CRC and the12 th Street CRC Grand Rapids, Called to Foreign missions in Costa Rica and Mexico (Juan Calvino Seminary), returned to USA and served Covenant CRC in Cutlerville, then organized the Pinegate CRC Cutlerville, and my final charge was Caledonia CRC in Caledonia, MI.

During my ministry I organized the Providence CRC in Cutlerville. I served on the Calvin College and Seminary board of trustees as well as the Dordt College  board; simultaneously for several years. I served the Board of Foreign Missions for a total of 19 years, one term as Vice- President. I was a member of the Back to God Tract Committee. I was a co-founder and board of Appalachia Reach-out for 19 years and during that time did the fund raising and other promotions, including the organizing and training of the 10 week summer youth ministry teams.

Since retiring, I have twice served the Orangewood CRC, in Phoenix, AZ as interim pastor, served as interim for the Lake Worth CRC in Florida, spent 3 winters working with Wycliffe Orlando and Dallas. I have been a Snow-bird pastor in West Palm Beach, Florida for 4 years, (5 months each of those years) Now I teach Bible at the Bradenton Florida CRC during the Snow-bird season. I also am a chaplain in the Port of Manatee near Tampa. I volunteer for 5 months at Anchor House which is the Seafarers Center there on the port. Our ships are all container ships or bulk carriers and their crews are from many nationalities. I minister one on one and also conduct worship services aboard the ships when possible. I am writing a series of e-mail Bible studies so that I can remain in contact with crew members who are seeking the Lord. Many are Muslims.


My main interest is Bird photography and riding my Goldwing motorcycle with my dear wife Ellen!