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Jessica Boy

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Working with Resonate Global Mission as Placement Advisor for Canada.  Aiding those who want go deeper and find their place in the world.  

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Where Does My Help Come From?

Dr. Ray Bakke, a pioneer in urban community transformation, defines evangelism as “scratching where it itches.” What itches are happening in your community that need scratching? 

Global Mission
  • I love the raw honesty in this piece. There are so many pieces I had not considered in this pandemic shift. May your efforts be blessed as we move through this next season. 

  • This is a great conversation starter!

    I have extremely active children, so "real" church is often a discipline for me as I spend most of the service reining and containing my children...

  • Thanks for this Jeremiah!  It's a good word that will do us well to take time to understand. 

  • Here are a few that bring me much comfort:
    - "Farther Along" by Josh Garrels
    - "Lay It All Down" featuring Will Reagan
    - "Doxology" by Maverick City Music

    - "Peace be Still"...

  • Hi John - 

    Indeed I do have some thoughts on how to go about this --

    1. I suggest connecting with Shannon Perez ([email protected]). She heads up the CRC's Canadian Aboriginal...

  • I appreciate this conversation and the care indicated in not wanting to overburden the missionary.  Reading your response is evidence again of the care for missionaries in this denomination.  This...