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All Church Study

Last winter my church used Tim Keller's The Prodigal God as the basis for an "all-church study." Other books that I've considered are The Call by Os Guinness and Engaging God's World by Plantinga. Any other suggestions? 

  • Ted,

    I pray that the Lord would encourage you as you seek the revitalization of your church and bless your efforts to discover what steps to take next.  I would love to hear how those with...

  • As a pastoral intern at Geneva Campus Church in Madison, WI I led a council retreat using Effective Leadership in the Church.  The retreat was a Friday evening and all-day Saturday event -- three...

  • I recommend Effective Leadership in the Church from Sustaining Pastoral Excellence - see the appendix for good suggestions on using the material in a retreat setting.  3-4 hours is probably not...