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About Me: 

Joined the CRC when I got married over 25 years ago from the Anglican Church where I was raised and actively involved. 

I have been involved in Gems, Sunday School, Coffee Break, VBS and now head the Library Ministry of our church and am involved with a small group book club. 

3 children, wonderful husband and many live experiences just about sum it up. 


Many: reading, sewing, quilting-traditional, quilting art, crafting, knitting, downhill skiing, cottaging, learning....

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Should church libraries be viewed as a ministry?

Hours of work go into creating and crafting a church library. Often it does not have a profile as a mininstry in our churches. How does your church view your Library Ministry? To any who are involved in a Church Library I am interested in a few of the following questions: Please copy and paste the questions into your reply and anwser the following How do you view the church library? Would you say your church library is part of the Ministry Team in your church? Do you have regular contact or input from the pastor, group leaders or council in your church? What would be the biggest area served...
Church Libraries
  • Wow that is great that you promote the library and resources. Librarians for the most part I am finding do not feel supported from the other church ministry groups. Our small group ministry has...

  • I subscribe (for free) to Faithful Reader as a website to read their reviews. 

    You can find it at 

    I have to look up my other resources. 

  • There is some library software programs that you can hook up with your churches web site. The softeware I use is called resourcemate by jaywil software. We have not hooked up our data base with...

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  • It seems from some of the reponses that people who are in the Library ministry get support in some areas and not in others. 

    In general I think that libraries are an under utilized resource...

  • What questions do you have about starting a church library? There are some resources I can point you to or share with you what we have done at our church. 

  • That is great that you supply your youth with material. My kids have always been big readers. They would read no matter what. But it has been teachers or other adults who have directed them to a...

  • I placed a question in some of the headings at the top of the network page headers. 

    It asks about them using the library and how the library is viewed. 

    It has garnered a response...

  • Caroline has some good comments. 

    Another suggestion is talk to the youth group to let them know what you have. 

    Drop in Sunday school and let the kids know what you have and what is...

  • I just put a comment/suggestion into the site to get a forum of our own entitled Church Library Ministry or some such. You may vote to get the idea into a Network forum and make comments as why...

  • So many people view the library as a space for Janette Oke books (not that they are bad but there is such a big world of author styles out there) and kid dvd's 

    Great that you have expanded...