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WITH! A Powerful Word for Community

What would our churches look like if we intentionally worked WITH our communities? This is a key question I asked myself after becoming the new Church with Community Coordinator.

  • What a thoughtful idea Bill. I've seen thank you signs on lawns, thank you parades, or some people are writing thank you notes or providing a gift card thank you. I wonder if even just asking them...

  • Here is a helpful response from Monika Grasley, Executive Director of Lifeline CRC, based in Merced, California, and World Renew board member and delegate for Classis Central California:


  • Hi Jeannie - 

    Thanks Ron for your responses. I agree with what you wrote.

    Jeannie - feel free to reach out if you have questions or want some guidance on how to respond. I have been...

  • Thank you Rudy for this important post. We need to have these conversations and learn. We mostly need a "vision against racism".  Humility, repentance, lamenting and healing are needed in order to...

  • Hi Karl - 

    Seems like you're not the only one interested in gathering. There are people across US who are connecting with their communities in amazing ways. I'm trying to connect to others...

  • Shout out to Canada - DMC for the amazing work you are doing. My time with you in January was so helpful and I look forward to learning more. Thanks for your hospitality and work.


  • I will be working out of my home in Massachusetts but traveling to GR and throughout the United States. Love to see and learn what is happening all over! We have some amazing kingdom work...

  • Thank you all for thoughtful discussion.

    Absolutely agree to the call of the church (and individual Christ followers) to tell the good news and show the good news. I hesitate to say that...