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Clerk of Duncan CRC for 5 years so far and periodically serve as sound technician for worship services.

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How does a Canadian congregation get a license or permission to show videos and DVDs in church?

Are other Canadian CRC congregations and maybe also Canadian churches of other denominations facing the same issues as our congregation with regard to getting licence/permission to show DVDs or videos in church? Most DVDs or videos that we purchase at stores are sold for viewing by an “at home” audience of a few people. If you were to purchase the same item for viewing by large audiences, it would probably cost ten times as much because of the royalty paid to the copyright owner. It is possible for organizations or groups to make arrangements with the copyright owners for a royalty to be paid...
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  • Hello Jessica, thanks for your presentation at Classis BCNW recently.  Do you have any ideas/thoughts about how to set up or stimulate a ministry among native/indigenous groups in the Nanaimo and...

  • I’m just one of those non-theologian types out on the Canadian West coast who is really interested in getting documents to be written in plain English and not in “legalese”.  After reading the 16...