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Should We Apologize for Excommunication?

Assume that 50 years ago a consistory excommunicated a member for engaging in snowmobile races and missing church on Sundays. Should we apologize for church practices that we would no longer engage in?

  • I thank Nicole for her comments (my surname, incidentally, lost the last "a" some time ago, presumably the act of some ancestor trying to shake off a Frisian past).  I do not discount anything of...

  • Some years ago I read the memoir of a Rev. Breedveld, who was my family's pastor 60 years ago in Strathroy.  He wrote of an immigrant church of over 210 families (for whom he was the sole pastor...

  • Sam I appreciate the article but, as a long time lay member of the denomination, I have to say that the temptation I have often seen pastors led into is frankly that of sloth.   John Updike once...

  • Mark was my Chimes editor years ago at Calvin and we attended seminary together.  Never met anyone more genuine or with greater compassion.  Thank you for your years of service, Mark.