John Van Buiten

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I am the director of music at Covenant CRC in North Haledon, NJ and also help lead the church's young adult ministry.

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Organ and Praise Band - Have you had success with a blended worship style?

I graduated from Calvin two and a half years ago. At Calvin I was a part of the worship teams for LOFT and chapel (piano and organ). At those services we regularly used the organ as an "orchestral" instrument to supplement the rhythm instruments of the praise band. I am now the director of music at my church in New Jersey. Ordinarily, we just use the organ on the "traditional hymns" and the praise band on the "contemporary songs". (I really hate that lingo, by the way. But that's a conversation for another post). I am trying to convince the worship coordinator and praise band coordinator to...
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Can you share a success story about starting a young adults program at your church?

In our area right now, it is a big problem that when people get to their early twenties, many of them leave the church where they've spent their entire lives and go to another church. For us it seems that people are just going to another church because everyone else goes to that church. What really kills me is that around here, this "cool" church is actually a "non-denominational" Baptist church. In order to participate in ministry there, these folks must be re-baptized, since this church does not recognized infant baptism. To try to combat this problem, we are starting a Young Adult ministry...
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