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1970 immigrant to Canada from Holland, arrived on Wednesday July 1st, played my first service on July 5th, I have been smitten by the organ since I was 6 or 7 years old. My dad and a brother and brother in law moved our organ from the old to the new church in '54, I repeated this with the help of 50 members of our church after we bought a used organ from a Methodist church in Altoona Penn. My wife has been a member since 1960, our 3 kids all play, Our daughter plays the flute, the middle boy is "smitten" by his guitars, he is in the process of building one, the oldest boy also plays the organ and is a youth leader. 


Organs and more organs, with two, sometimes more organ friends, we travel around to visit churches and get to play on some wonderful organs, our last trip was to Rochester and Buffalo. I have a two manual Halbert Gober pipe organ in our living room. Besides playing the organ I am involved as the leader of our Men's bible study group, which meets once monthly in a local restaurant, I also organize a yearly benefit concert, sponsored by our church for a local homeless shelter, both for men and families and soon to be added, a shelter for homeless women.

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A name to call you for all you who write to/in a Forum

Hi all, I figure that there are people in these pages that like to have some fun together, such as the "MUG" a while ago, which I missed, lucky you who won it! see, what I mean? In, or rather just after my last comment in the Worship Forum, it popped into my head that you all could be called "RE-FORUM-ERS, How about it? anyone out there who has a suggestion? I could offer one of my hats with the business name on it, but that's not what this web site is about. Oh well, while you are at it why don't you suggest a good price for it as well, looking ahead to your submissions. (I am a bit devious...
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The organ and the Praise Team

I have been organist at our church for 40 years, add eight more in Holland, about 35 of these years it was organ only, things started to change when the Praise team came into the picture. For about ten years we were "legally" separated, they had their once monthly service, the organists did the rest. The situation changed again, now we had the "Team" on stage every week, still separated from each other until after we installed our new (used) organ, we invited an organist from the city to come and play during a service, together with the "Team", it worked and so we were joined together, over...
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