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Grew up in the CRC.  Switched to a community church a few years ago.


Praise & Worship

  • Hey folks,

    Here in Ontario Canada we now have a ban on gatherings of more than 50 people.

    Instead of 6 services with start times staggered across 3 sanctuaries,  our services are now...

  • At my old church (CRC) there was a "host elder" who would stand at the pulpit and make a show of looking at his watch and giving the stink-eye to anyone who wasn't in their seat on time. ...

  • Hey Josh ... We've enjoyed sermons illustrating biblical messages using the Matrix movies.  That meant a lot to us geeks in the congregation.  I think it's also especially meaningful to our high...

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  • Hi Rebecca,

    We have had a gift-based ministry in our church for more than 10 years -- and it has been fantastic for us.  We put on a Discover-Your-Spiritual-Gifts program on a regular basis...