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Jonathan Assink

About Me: 

Jonathan Assink grew up in Seattle, Washington, where he continues to live today. He married his wife, Sarah, in 2013. They are both super church nerds. Jonathan is currently an Elder at Sanctuary CRC in Seattle, where he helps run the Green Bean Coffeehouse. He is most interested in practical theology, how our interpretation of scripture and articulation of the gospel informs and instructs our daily lives. He also believes that life is a metaphor for baseball, and that coffee is best served black, as the good Lord intended.

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Election Day

If you are American and haven’t yet voted, I hope you do. I also hope you take heart and remember that there is no leader, no official, and no person who can come between you and Christ. 

Community Engagement
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Learning to Speak

We can all point to different styles of musical worship that do or do not resonate with us. But there is far more to worship and our relationship with God than just the music we sing on Sunday morning.

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Changing Seasons

My church is embarking on a journey of pastoral transition. Transitions are hard. My greatest dream for this process is that we take every opportunity to model grace and patience.

  • I never said they are the same, merely that we cannot separate them for our own convenience.

  • To say that justice is merely getting what you deserve whether we like the outcome or not is not the highest or fullest definition of justice. In fact, I don't see how you can make a Biblical...

  • This piece from The American Conservative may bridge some of the gap where we've been talking past each other.

  • By that same logic I can say the authors of the Nashville Statement are barring false witness against LGBT Christians by denying their faith.

  • I don't agree with them but I'm not questioning their faith. You're right that I can't read the minds of the signatories, so all I'm left with is their actions as evidence for what they believe. I...

  • Virgil,

    I'm glad to hear that you are willing to engage with people in the LGBT community. I cannot speak to the interaction you had, but I will say it certainly does not match my...

  • Neither of us may know exactly why he signed, but the fact is he did sign a statement saying Christians who disagree with this position aren't Christians. Soooo...

  • I glanced at the Denver Statement, while I certainly agree with more of it, I still don't find the point-by-point "Affirm/Deny" structure to be helpful in ministry contexts. It might be helpful in...

  • Rick,

    When I say "fear", I mean fear among the signatories that there are alternate, valid interpretations of scripture from what they believe it says. I'm sure they wouldn't describe it as...

  • Doug,

    Conversion therapy, while not explicitly named, is what the writers are talking about in Articles 12 and 13. The belief that through sufficient prayer and supplication that God will...