Jonathan Kim

About Me: 


I might say that I'm a Korean-American CR pastor.

I have only one pretty wife with three great children (2 early 20's and 1 teenager girl).

I started His church  for new young unbeliever's families about 10 years ago in L.A. areas,

ministered with other ethnic churches as multiethnic congregations, and expandng His Kingdom with Team ministries for Intergenerational church.


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  • I truly thank agin to George to think/raise this important issue for our denominational direction at this time.

    Personally I want to comment 2 things in relation to this matter which I feel...

  • Sahlom!

    '10 Gkym Mission Conference is amazing event for Korean-American yousters.

    Our 9 youngsters got strong challenge for their future lives.

    We had a great time of their...