Jonathan Owens

About Me: 

From Texas, schooled in Michigan, became an adult in Utah, returned to the midwest for more school, and took a call to Bozeman, MT. Husband of the most wonderful woman imaginable and father of two little girls as beautiful and smart as their mom. Currently pursuing my doctorate, ABD and in the writing phase of my dissertation.

I half-joke that my resume is demonstrative of my call story - I've had every cool job imaginable, and yet I wound up in the ministry:

  • international adventure travel guide
  • mountaineering guide, ski instructor
  • rock climbing instructor/guide
  • mountain rescue technician
  • rope-access, safety, and rescue instructor (cell towers)
  • worked for Patagonia &
  • teacher of outdoor education for a theraputic boarding school
  • and much more! (often held concurrently) 

I was driven into seminary from a perfectly good and adventurous career because I wanted to learn how to help the church better live out its mission to its neighbors - whoever they be. This has led me to extensive study of various American religious groups (from Latter Day Saints to Evangelicals to Nihilists) and several years of involvement in interfaith dialogue. In the same vein, my dissertation is about how Christians can better work together with their neighbors to craft a healthy society (through the ethics of hospitality). 

I, and my family, love doing things outside: climbing, hiking, camping, skiing, cycling, paddling, etc.. I love to cook and take great pride in my role as the family chef, we're always open to new dishes and flavors. For all of my hobbies, my favorite thing to do is just hang out with my family and enjoy a day playing together.

Music is also a central interest of mine - I'm always trying to chase down music that speaks wisdom and edification. Some current favorites: Bach (I have an inordinate love for harpischord), Andrew Peterson, Brandi Carlile, Julien Baker, Anna Tivel, Jenny & Tyler, Woody Gutherie and Pete Seeger, and I'll always have a softspot for hardcore and EDM.

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