Jory Jones

About Me: 

I am a young adult male who is saved by the Grace of God, hungry for His Word and fellowship with His family.  I am a new deacon at my Church who wishes to integrate Christ into every area of my life and strives to be an example for others, that they may come to know God's blessings in their lives as well.  I am particllarly interested in the future of the CRC and building a strong foundation for generations to come.

  • Paul and Ty,

    I agree that it is all of us together.  However, I believe it is primarily the church's job to give the parents the proper tools and instructions so they can teach their...

  • [quote=Alex T]

    We [Christians] Americans are breading ourselves out of existance, we're waiting till late 30s to get married and having on average 1.3 kids!  I argue that if we focus our...

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