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What Is Going on With the New Mission Agency?

Home Missions and World Missions have been talking about becoming one agency for around 10 years now, but actual work to do so started in 2015. Two years later, we are almost ready to make it official.

Global Mission
  • There are a couple posts on the network that gets at some of these ideas:

  • The CRC is an opinionated denomination. We wanted to make sure we gave people an opportunity to voice those opinions at some point in the process. We are not relying on consensus to guide our...

  • Thanks James, 

    What you described as the "ministry description" are more-or-less personality characteristics that try to describe a little bit of how we talk about our work and the agency (...

  • It does let you continue. You just have to click on them in the lowest position to have that be your selection. I would encourage you to try to complete the survey. Only a fraction of the survey...

  • Hi Michelle,

    Thank you for asking and thank you for supporting Home Missions and World Missions.

    Home Missions and World Missions will be completing this fiscal year as two separate...

  • I would like to see an article focusing on the general topic of missions and what it looks like today, maybe how it has changed. Not a highlight of an agency's work but about missions as a...