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What's the best way to divide responsibilities when it comes to planning services?

Our worship director is going to be stepping down in the not-too-distant future, and I thought I'd see how other churches divvy up responsibilities when it comes to planning services. Do you have a single person identified as a director in some way? Does that person do the bulk of the planning/selecting songs? Does everything happen by a committee? Do you have some mix of the two? Thanks!
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What songs praise the Spirit for what he HAS done?

It seems that in the relatively rare instances that the Holy Spirit is specifically called out in lyrics, the song tends toward being a prayer that the Spirit would work in some way. Are there songs that you've sung that praise the Spirit for what he HAS done? I'm particularly interested in roughly CCM-genre songs.
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Video Resources

I'm interested in some brief video resources that could be played during an offering. I'm thinking of things that would highlight work done by Home Missions, CRWRC, Back to God Hour, etc. or non-denominational ministries

  • Does Planning Center Online allow for the categorizing/searching mentioned above? I've been working on something in my spare time to allow me to do that, but it's slow going :)

  • I think planning the other elements around the sermon can be nice, but certainly isn't essential. The very structure of a service can provide the internal logic that connects elements--God calls...

  • I'm not sure really distinguishing between "for us", "for God", and "for the lost" is possible. Worship is for God in that it is its own end, but we should certainly expect both the lost and the...

    posted on: Worship for Whom?
  • I know CCLI's SongSelect has topics listed for most songs, but I don't know if it's searchable by topic. It seems like I've seen various efforts toward that on message boards before, but I can't...

  • Joyce,

    Honestly, if there's an under-the-radar network of modern-music-playing CRC folks, I'm not aware of it. OK, that wouldn't be so surprising, I guess...but where I'm going is that my "...

  • I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, I think of being on the worship team as a service to the church. But it doesn't take much of a stretch to say that if that implies musicians shouldn't be...

  • Is there an administrator function that could move this conversation to the thread Mark started? Seems like a shame to have one lonely thread with replies on it!

    I read your post before...