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Julia Smith

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I direct the Sexuality Series at Calvin College and have been involved at various times in leading worship at Madison Square Church.

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The Synod Listening Session

Delegates to Synod 2015 have the opportunity to model deep engagement and humble thoughtfulness through listening to one another. Leaders will gather not to vote or approve, but to discuss complex questions...

CRCNA and Synod
  • Thanks, Bonnie! Clay Olsen also gave a high-school-appropriate talk at GRCHS. The video is on their website   

  • Fight The New Drug is an excellent organization for education and resources on this topic See a talk given recently at Calvin by their founder, Clay Olsen http://...

  • Meg, thank you for having the courage to ask these questions. My main comment on this thread is that it generally assumes that only heterosexual people have a place at the table (and on the blog...