Karisa Talen

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Mixing Organ Into the Sound System

In the process of renovating our sanctuary and while we intend to remain an organ-led congregation for the near future, we are seeking advice on how to mic our classic 1986 Allen Organ into live stream and recordings.

  • Thank you, Ruth. Feel free to email me at [email protected] !

  • Kevin, your input is appreciated. Because it would be for recording purposes then yes, I agree with the microphone route (I'm sure the options out there have come a long way since our original...

  • Amen, churches do need beauty to help direct us towards God! The organists did not find that they could get a comparable sound out of the organs we tested. 

  • Thank you, Doug. If we do decide to keep our Allen organ, I will definitely use this info to select a sufficient mic. Question for you: Where are your organ speakers placed in your sanctuary? I...

  • Adom, thank you so much for you insight. I took two of my organists to a great music store last week to test out some digital organs (they found the Viscount Legend to have the best feel) but they...