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Karl Westerhof

About Me: 

What interests me: Books, babies, dogs,books, North Woods cabins, Liz my wife and Joe my son, organizational change, books, conflict management, community development, communication, discipleship, leadership, books...  and did I mention that I love to read?

I've always loved Jesus, but in recent years that love has become so much more central in my life.  Willard, Foster, Peterson, Chan and Wright, and the like have taken their places on my shelves along with Drucker, Collins, Heifetz, and Buckingham...   I'm on the journey of learning how spiritual transformation happens in my life, and how I can become more like Jesus, my Savior, Teacher, Lord, and Friend.

I worked for the CRC in one way and another since the late 60s, and much of that experience was strongly shaped by being a child of the 60s.   Race relations, justice, development, and social change were abiding interests.   And the North Woods of Michigan.

Most recently I've been with World Renew (formerly CRWRC), the denomination's relief and community development agency.   Our family lived in the Philippines while I worked as Asia Regional Director, and later I was Program team leader, coach to team leaders, and leader of the Advancement team.   In semi retirement I'm working as coach for classis renewal in the CRC, and as outreach pastor for Grace CRC. 

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