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Eight Statements Worth Considering

Recently I heard Bill Hybels articulated eight elder approved statements that name their highest values. These statements can serve as a helpful conversation starter for ministries seeking to identify ministry priorities.

Church Renewal
  • What you describe, Doug, is an experience far from any I have known.  During my 62 years I've never been threatened by a crazed attacker nor had anyone order a contract killing against me or the...

  • Creating equivalency between Esther and today’s gun debate has its challenge.  For example, the passage that allows for self-defense also advocates for plundering the property of enemies.  Still,...

  • Thanks Ben for your insightful and helpful comments.

  • Greetings Joe,

    Twenty years ago I pastored a congregation immediately following an exodus of members to form a new non-denominational ministry.   The congregation requested permission to...

  • Let’s think about this a little further. 

    In Acts 6 the apostles resist “the daily doing of ministry” by saying “no” to waiting on tables.  They conclude that their focus must be on prayer...

  • Thanks John for the encouragement.

  • As the author of "Keeping Your Eye on Your CVI" I'd like to make another try at speaking into the CVI.  

    As I read the helpful and thoughtful comments made about the article I heard folk...

  • Thanks Marian for your insights and your question.  

    Yes, you are exactly right that sharing faith is all about relationships. Relationships are God's tilled field for the Gospel.  The...