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Keith Knight

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Associate at Nelson/Kraft and Associates.

Former executive director of the Canadian Christian Business Federation.

Former director of communications with the CRCNA and The Presbyterian Church in Canada. Former editor of the Anglican Journal.

A 40-year history in communication and marketing.

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Small Groups - Where Discipleship Happens

To whom are you accountable for your spiritual and moral life...besides God? The once-a-year elder visit (if it still exists) provides a superficial check list at best. Small groups, done properly, provide a setting for both spiritual growth and moral accountability.

Small Groups
  • John, you ask: "Who decides that the problem needs attention?" 
    If it's a problem, it needs attention. That requires those in leadership -- those with authority -- to make the decision to put...

  • Then there's this one, Bryan.

    If you're a leader, show leadership. Dare to speak out. Dare to risk being shot down.

    I once served as chair of council, consisting of a group of highly...

  • You pose an interesting question, Matthew: "Which do you value more highly -- individual/personal privacy or communal health and well-being?"

    And to digress from the topic at hand, it...

  • You raise a good point, Drayton CRC.

    We are a binational denomination, with two very different cultures when it comes to dealing with COVID and vaccinations and all that.


  • A privacy issue. Taken to the extreme, does an elder have the right to ask a parishioner about their spiritual life, their devotional life? Its clearly a privacy issue.

    When looking for...

  • I think that it depends on the nature of the volunteer position. We currently do police checks on those working with children ministries. Its a safety issue.  I'd insist on fully vaccinated...

  • The initial question shouldn't focus on VBS content but on the size of the group. Since the transition to Zoom for most churches, there is no longer the assumption that VBS needs to be confined to...

    posted on: Virtual VBS?
  • I agree, Bethany.  I wrote the piece; I didn't choose the artwork ... but it is in bad taste.


    I have been engaged in a number of wonderful, creative discussions over the past two...

    posted on: COVID and Sundays
  • Chaplaincy and spiritual care has become an integral part of the marketplace -- where people work. Increasingly, a wide range of businesses, industry and organizations are hiring chaplains or...

  • While I applaud the mentoring program for newly-ordained pastors, I also hope that there are set standards in place to qualify as a mentor. One of the greatest gifts that a mentor can provide the...