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Keith Knight

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Executive Director of the Canadian Christian Business Federation.

Former director of communications with the CRCNA and The Presbyterian Church in Canada. Former editor of the Anglican Journal.

A 40-year history in communication and marketing.

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Small Groups - Where Discipleship Happens

To whom are you accountable for your spiritual and moral life...besides God? The once-a-year elder visit (if it still exists) provides a superficial check list at best. Small groups, done properly, provide a setting for both spiritual growth and moral accountability.

Small Groups
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Our biggest problem: Poor preaching

I am privileged to travel across Canada to connect with Christian business leaders and with the heads of a dozen non-profits and a half dozen Christian universities. I am saddened to report that I have heard a recurring refrain throughout 2014. It comes in the form of a question and it is always asked with considerable anxiety: "Why is there such poor preaching in the CRC?" And it really hit home -- literally -- just recently when I walked into our living room to greet three of our adult children ... all of them parents of young children. Even before they said: "Hi, Dad" they asked that same...
  • "Automatic tithing" seems like an oxymoron.

    Tithing implies that we give as we are blessed. It's an ongoing process. My experience is that financial 'blessings' fluctuate throughout the...

  • Darren, thanks for your faithful leadership within the Canadian CRC context. I was among the attendees at that 2003 event in Edmonton. While I recall very little of the discussions that took place...

  • Matt, I can't imagine any scenario where your concerns would hold water.  If that person is an alcoholic -- especially struggling with alcoholism -- or the need for a gluten-free option, there...

  • That situation seems unfathomable.  If a person has consistently not taken communion, that person is dealing with some serious spiritual/moral issues that requires a visit from the pastor or elder...

  • Beneficial? It's been foundational in my spiritual life. Both my wife and I have grown incredibly through this discipleship model.

    I grew up in the CRC, served several terms as elder, took...

  • Thanks, Carmen. So true.

    And I certainly don't want to minimize or attack the fine work that World Renew and World/Home Missions / Resonate is doing.


    Why are we hiding our...

  • I see incredible value in having virtual small groups specifically for men and specifically for women -- separate -- where they become accountability groups. The weakness of 'regular' small groups...

  • The 'success' of a small group ministry rests with the content. Small groups have a tendency to become social gatherings rather than spiritual formation gatherings.  Our small group spends the...

  • It's been three months since that initial posting and much has happened since then. There has been a growing endorsement of Donald Trump as the Republican nominee. Hillory Clinton is almost...

  • Getting church-goers to become engaged in scripture. What a novel idea.

    One might start by removing all of the Bibles from the church pews. Have folks bring their own to worship that they...