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Executive Director of the Canadian Christian Business Federation.

Former director of communications with the CRCNA and The Presbyterian Church in Canada. Former editor of the Anglican Journal.

A 40-year history in communication and marketing.

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Small Groups - Where Discipleship Happens

To whom are you accountable for your spiritual and moral life...besides God? The once-a-year elder visit (if it still exists) provides a superficial check list at best. Small groups, done properly, provide a setting for both spiritual growth and moral accountability.

Small Groups
  • ... just a quick note about time limits on speeches at Synod.

    We have fallen victim to a Twitter society where everything needs to be said in a very few words.

    I served as Synod...

  • Our policy with respect to an active shooter is quite simple: we pray for his/her soul as we await eternity with Christ..

    Okay, we don't have that policy but it would be appropriate.

  • We track attendance of everyone in the worship service.

    We have folders on the left side of every row of seats. At the beginning of the service, the first announcement is always to 'pick up...

  • It is indeed a great question -- How do we properly welcome a new pastor?

    Something else suddenly springs to mind: How does the church and council prepare itself before it even contemplates...

  • As I continue to read this thread, and take part in discussions now and then, I am struck by the fact that we are making every effort to make our church language palatable for those who may be new...

  • If one is determined to streamline our organizational language, then using General Assembly instead of Synod and Regional Assembly instead of Classis may make sense. So you'd have Regional...

  • This is an interesting discussion. I wonder if the comments would be different if the theme was "Defining Obedience in Ministry". What does it mean to be obedient to God?

    "Success", a very...

  • You raise a good point, Ken. The most important element in any church website is the Contact Us section. Unfortunately, many churches get it wrong. They simply provide a form that needs to be...

  • I just don't get it. Why do we consistently insist on a rebranding? We change the names of our mission agencies -- okay, CRWRC was cumbersome.

    "Classis" has been our signature designation...

  • I am not a pastor but I hang out with a lot of them. I've served as stated clerk of classis for six years, and I occasionally speak at ecumenical ministerial gatherings.

    A pastor who is '...

    posted on: Let’s Be Well