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Keith Knight

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Executive Director of the Canadian Christian Business Federation.

Former director of communications with the CRCNA and The Presbyterian Church in Canada. Former editor of the Anglican Journal.

A 40-year history in communication and marketing.

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Small Groups - Where Discipleship Happens

To whom are you accountable for your spiritual and moral life...besides God? The once-a-year elder visit (if it still exists) provides a superficial check list at best. Small groups, done properly, provide a setting for both spiritual growth and moral accountability.

Small Groups
  • I am not a pastor but I hang out with a lot of them. I've served as stated clerk of classis for six years, and I occasionally speak at ecumenical ministerial gatherings.

    A pastor who is '...

    posted on: Let’s Be Well
  • There are at least two kinds of responses to this question:

    1. How does the church respond to those within the church who have lost their jobs?

    In some cases, they will require only...

  • That's great news, John.

    I think that the key is mobilize pew-sitters to become activists within their communities. I would hate to see churches create yet one more formal program of...

  • Let's talk about Real Estate and the tremendous cost of building and maintaining a church building.

    eg A medium sized CRC is undergoing a $4.6 million renovation.

    Is that simply 'the...

  • Greetings, Richard.

    The Canadian Ministry gatherings are always great events. That's where I fell in love. With the Church, I mean. It is as much a social event as it is a spiritual event...

  • My hunch is that treasurers aren't typically on staff because church staff tend to focus on 'ministry', the exception invariably being the custodian.

    Though the treasurer's work is very...

  • Gay marriage is NOT consistent with what scripture says about marriage.

    God doesn't want us to be  happy; He wants us to be obedient.

    When we are burdened by our circumstance --...

  • And while the discussion continues, I am thinking of a few gay men who I know who have read the scriptures and who have decided that to practice homosexuality is sin, that they need to live holy...

  • Do not use Scripture to convince your fellow CRC members of the beauty of full inclusion.  That single piece of advise will either 'make' or 'break' the CRC.

    If the CRC returns to, or...

  • There are two other areas that apply equally to young adults and to all of us.

    1. Pornography. Today's culture is saturated with pornography. I  can't imagine a fall session of young adults...