Kelly Organ

About Me: 

I'm currently working as the Congregational Justice Mobilizer Intern at the CRC Office of Social Justice. I get to work in areas I'm passionate about: the church, immigration, and faithful political engagement. I graduated from Calvin College with a degree in international relations and congregational & ministry studies. My husband and I are moving to Romania in January to serve with World Missions and do community development work with youth.


I'm an Iowa native who now proudly considers herself a Michigander. I love making good food -- especially when I know where it came from. (I also love trying to grow it myself, though that doesn't always work so well.) I am very committed to our neighborhood and our church, and find great joy in those communities. I am fascinated by discussions of race, ethnicity, and culture. I am passionate about the Church and its mission. And I love being outside, camping, hiking, or just running around... I find great joy in these things.

  • Hi Jamie!

    The Office of Social Justice also has a kid-friendly way to get involved in justice on behalf of asylum-seekers from Indonesia -- it's a bit more relevant to the U.S. than Canada...