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Tips on How to Win Hearts

People often ask how do you witness for Christ or help people who are struggling. The most common statement made is listen to what they say and act accordingly with love and Spiritual wisdom. What does listening look life?

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Where Is Our Empathy?

People act as if caring is a pain because they think they are the ones doing the giving without any return. If you do pastoral care with this attitude, you won't receive a mutual benefit. This sad fact won't change unless people are filled with the love of God.

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I would like to give a very much appreciated Thanks to whom ever is responsable for the change in the Captha thingy. That was very difficult at times to read when my vision varies daily. Thanks Guys Ken
Church Communications
  • Your probability correct about the Meds! They have so many side affects with certain individuals.

  • I agree Denise,kind of sign of what people care and dont care about!Sad!

  • I support we women in church office by treating them the same as the men, with respect and a helping hand if they ask! My wife is a Deacon and it’s a important role to play! Thx

  • Good post Mark! The same thing happens to people with long term chronic illnesses like me. People drift away when there is no cure or improvement. You get to the point where you answer fine...

  • I believe in Mark 8: 36 and social justice and preserving the environment. What does that make me? Good reminder in this article that the key is telling the gospel and putting the saving the soul...

  • Hi Keith,I agree with not judging other churches for their views on women in office but I am sure glad it’s changing. My church, most of the work envolves more women than men for various reasons...

  • Thanks Dan, God bless you!

  • Hi Dan, I wasn’t speaking sarcasticly, I just read up from a multitude of resources the reasons people commit mass murders! The research supports what I saying! I don’t treat people with sarcasm...

  • Hi Jeremy, I agree with Mark. There isn’t the data or studies they state most are mentally ill. In fact the opposite is true with only a small percentage have a diagnosis of mental illness! Lake...

  • I guess we had better have a better definition of mental illness vrs abnormal mental behavior! Of course some of the people you mentioned had a definable mental illness or physical illness that...