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I'm a part-time (retired) pastor of Congregational Care at First CRC of Byron Center.  I also serve (full-time) with Leadership Resources International (LRI) as their Regional Director for SE Asia.  LRI exists to train pastors and church leaders to teach and preach the Word of God with the Heart of God.  Expository Preaching is my passion for the church in SE Asia and here in the U.S.A. and Canada.


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Reading books on Biblical Theology and the Evangelical Church.

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  • For me the sermon title is the handle by which the congregation can "carry" home the basic thrust of the message.  When I study a text I seek to find the context first, and then I seek to divide... view

  • Well put!  I have felt the same for many years!  And yet, my wife and I had a traditional Saturday afternoon wedding, and so did my three children.  Why is it so hard to break that tradition?

    posted on: A New Way to Marry
  • That's an excellent account of outreach and compassion done in a natural manner!  Thanks for sharing it.  It's very encouraging!

    Ken Van De Griend