Kevin Hoeksema

About Me: 

I am brand new to the CRCNA Communications Team! I grew up in New Mexico but migrated to West Michigan after high school to attend Calvin College. I met my wife at a Grand Rapids church where we both were involved in youth ministry and have lived in the area ever since. I currently reside in Zeeland, MI, with my wife and two kids.

  • I didn't sign up for the challenge, but really appreciate the book recommendation of "The Alchemist". I was intrigued and just finished reading it last night. A really inspiring book about pursing...

  • Yeah. TMBG had two cartoon music videos featured on the Warner Bros/Stephen Spielberg animated show (Istanbul and Particle Man). Link to YouTube vid

  • Ah, yes of course! Another great album! "Birdhouse in your Soul", "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)", "Particle Man"...  did you ever watch Tiny Toon Adventures?

  • Wow! You brought back some of my late 90-early 2000 harder music memories! Demon Hunter, Project 86, Stavesacre, Skillet, POD. Thanks Chuck!