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    How many of these churches that are of the “single service” group are renting a space that does not allow them to have a second service?  This would prevent any...

  • This isn't about over playing them (although I do think you have a point in having sound systems too loud).  It's about using the equipment you have properly.  I love to hear the congregation sing...

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  • I attended.  If you have the opportunity to send a team to this, please do.  It is well worth the investment.  I was the only one who could attend from our church.  He does these bootcamps all...

    posted on: Can You Hear Me?
  • Email me: [email protected] and we can "talk".  My wife has fibromyalgia so I understand the "fibro-fog" thing.


  • Do you have the worship sourcebook?  There are some in there.