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Kristen VanderBerg

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Director of Communications & Marketing of the Christian Reformed Church in North America.  

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Embracing Our Diverse Denomination

As you post new blogs, resources, and questions to the site, you now have the opportunity to tag each one with its primary language. For now, the language options include Korean, Spanish, French, and Chinese. 

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Reformed Treasures

Earlier this fall, Angela Reitsma Bick, editor of the Christian Courier, sat down with CRCNA Canadian Ministries Director, Darren Roorda, to talk about some key tenants of the Reformed faith and their relevance today. 

Ministry in Canada
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Christianity Reforged

As Christians in the Reformed tradition, we believe that followers of Jesus are forged daily, sent through the refiner’s fire, remade and remaking. What does a “reforged” church look like?

Ministry in Canada
  • Hi Dan. Interesting take. I'm Canadian but I watched President Trump's speech last night and the Democrat's rebuttal. I found it interesting that both parties seem to agree that legal immigrants...

  • Hi folks.  Just a reminder to everyone to be aware of the Community Guidelines and to abide within them. The Network moderators are happy to review flagged comments and make our best decisions...

  • This is a great idea.


  • Great point, Harry.  I guess I was thinking that IF people wanted to participate in #GivingTuesday, that it might be nice for them to have one place where all of the CRCNA options are listed. ...

  • Thanks Rachael.  World Renew is high on our list as well.  Each year my kids save 10% of the money they've received over the year and choose how to donate it at Christmas. We've tried to help them...

  • The branding looks great, Michael. Nice job.  If you haven't already seen these, you can check out our CRCNA brand standards at

    I hope that my earlier comment didn't sound...

  • Thanks Micheal. As a communicator, I love this post about branding and believe that it is important for church leaders to consider.  As director of communications and marketing for the CRCNA, I...

  • If you are looking for a good book club book during Black History Month, I suggest "The Stone Thrower" by Jael Richardson.  In broad strokes, this is a story about Jael's dad, Chuck Ealy, who...

  • As a mother of young girls, this topic is near and dear to my heart.  Growing up, I had three brothers.  I always felt that I, as a girl, could do anything that they could do. All around me, I saw...

  • HI Jeff. I serve as the director of communications and marketing for the CRCNA.  I think a short video overview of the denomination's history is a great idea.  I'm not sure I have it in my budget...