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Director of Communications & Marketing of the Christian Reformed Church in North America.  

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"Censorship" on The Network

Recently you may have noticed Network staff being more stringent about deleting comments and taking down posts. This has caused some frustration in our readers. Here is a bit of an explanation behind this change. 

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Embracing Our Diverse Denomination

As you post new blogs, resources, and questions to the site, you now have the opportunity to tag each one with its primary language. For now, the language options include Korean, Spanish, French, and Chinese. 

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Reformed Treasures

Earlier this fall, Angela Reitsma Bick, editor of the Christian Courier, sat down with CRCNA Canadian Ministries Director, Darren Roorda, to talk about some key tenants of the Reformed faith and their relevance today. 

Ministry in Canada
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Christianity Reforged

As Christians in the Reformed tradition, we believe that followers of Jesus are forged daily, sent through the refiner’s fire, remade and remaking. What does a “reforged” church look like?

Ministry in Canada
  • Thank you Kyla for your vulnerability in sharing this post. It also reminds me of how much I miss the theatre in these COVID times. I'm praying that it will come back soon, for both the actors and...

  • Hi Trevor.  I've tried to explain a few times in earlier comments that just because you do not have the lived experience (in this case, not being a person of color who has experienced the negative...

  • In answer to your questions:

    1. see my response to Lubbert and to Doug.  The verb I used is "moderating" not "deleting", and I acknowledge that it will be difficult to understand what...

  • HI Eric.  I feel that these questions were already addressed in some of the other comments on this thread.  Thanks.

  • As I've already stated, you don't have to express support for the concepts of white privilege or systemic racism.  What I was suggesting is that you acknowledge the pain of racism and racist acts...

  • Hi Dan.  I think you misheard what I said.  I didn't say that white people would be prevented from talking about white privilege or systemic racism.  I simply said that when people talk about an...

  • I had seen this piece on Reformed Everyday earlier.  You are right, I'd have trouble with it on the Network and here is why:  I do think the article is well written and I think you raise good...

  • Thanks Lubbert.  I appreciate the caution. As I said to Doug above, my comment was not that we would not allow anyone to speak on any topic outside of their lived experience.  Instead, I said that...

  • Thanks Doug.  I'll take a look at those videos you suggest.  I mentioned in an early comment that my post wasn't intended to be pro Critical Race Theory.  There is nothing sacred about CRT, nor...

  • Thanks Lubbert.  In response to your points:

    1. Sorry for the confusion.  I meant that we'll be reaching out to some specific folks and asking them to write blog posts to ensure that our...