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Theater,  studying the text, reading, hanging out with my family, Canada, beauty and arts

  • Hi Bill,  Thanks for the thought.  I've reflected on this as well. While we can go in the category or Pelagian or semi-Pelagian I go in a different direction. I remember reading the book on early...

    posted on: Are You Funneling?
  • Hi Norm,

    Thanks for taking the time to dig deeply into the "shepherd" and the work of the "shepherd" under Christ. I sense that you are seeing things pretty clearly in Ajax; and doing some...

  • Thanks for this great testimony of pain, loss, hope, and just that bit of godly wondering.

  • Thanks to all the comments.  Just so there is clarity, the map of Alpha cities that is being referred to is the one used by the North American Mission Board of the SBC. It is not the defininitive...

  • Home Missions is partnering with ECO Presbyterian (a new presbyterian denomination) in creating a pathway to bring missional communities into established churches. We had our first gathering/...

  • Thanks for starting the conversation, Mark. I agree that there is a strange lack of southern plants in the NAMB site.  I wonder if it because the SBC has so many churches in those areas.

  • Greg, thanks for the update on this innovative and creative work.  I love not only what is happening in Montreal, but also the collaboration that it represents.  I am very pleased not only to be...

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  • Thanks for a great post, Ken!


    posted on: A Small Redemption


    Hi Ramon and Kris,

    This is an interesting conversation. I think it is helpful to recognize that CRHM did plant churches in the 1980s and 90s, but we no longer directly...

  • Hi Bill,

    Thanks for joining the conversation. Our goal is always disciples. Part of discipleship is joining a local body of believers and contributing with one's time, talents, and...