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Husband, Dad, Lead Missional Pastor @ evergreen ministries, former Church Planting Leader for Christian Reformed Home Misisons, innovator, hoping someday to ride a bike again


Theater, Films, All things Mac, studying the text, reading, hanging out with my family, Canada, beauty and arts

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  • Hi Bill,  Thanks for the thought.  I've reflected on this as well. While we can go in the category or Pelagian or semi-Pelagian I go in a different direction. I remember reading the book on early... view

    posted on: Are You Funneling?
  • Hi Norm,

    Thanks for taking the time to dig deeply into the "shepherd" and the work of the "shepherd" under Christ. I sense that you are seeing things pretty clearly in Ajax; and doing some... view

  • Thanks for this great testimony of pain, loss, hope, and just that bit of godly wondering.