Lauren B

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I grew up in Barrie and moved to Kingston for university and stayed here.  At church, I'm the librarian, and have served as a deacon.


I love to read and spend time outdoors hiking, camping and canoeing.

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How do you get kids and teens interested in reading Christian books?

I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas for getting young people interested in reading Christian books. I loved reading when I was younger and was always in the library, but it seems like the kids in my church aren't interested. It's not that they don't read, I know some of them do, but they don't seem interested in Christian books. I've added newer teen fiction, but I'm hesitant to buy very much when I don't have any feedback about whether they're any good or not. I've tried asking some kids specifically to read a book and let me know if they like it, but it hasn't worked.
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