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Leon Johnston

About Me: 

I am the pastor of Wolf Creek Community Church of Lacombe, AB.  My wife is currently training to be a Registered Nurse.  I have four children, all of whom study at Lacombe Christian School.  We enjoy camping, gardening, music, cycling and swimming. 


I enjoy reading, running, cycling and gardening.  I enjoy worshipping the Lord with His people.  I'm thankful for my mentors in writing, like Dallas Willard, N.T. Wright and Timothy Keller, who have guided me spiritually and pastorally.  And having grown up as a farm boy in Sasktachewan, I am a Roughriders fan! 

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Worshiping the Triune God: The Prelude

As much as I enjoy a few quiet moments before the worship service to prepare my heart for what is coming, I’m actually more concerned about the preparation that occurs throughout the week.

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Summer Break Reminders

This is the last week of our summer break. Accordingly, I want to reflect a bit on our experience. As I take a moment to think about it, I’ve been reminded of at least three things over the last month.

  • Pastor Cecil,

    Thank you for prescribing spiritual discernment regarding this issue.  It can be a tricky one!  For some reason, some people seem to equate office hours with the number of...

  • Ken,

    Thank you for the recommendation.  I just saved and copied this tool and will explore it further.  It looks helpful.

    Grace & peace,


  • Lis,

    Thank you for the recommendation.  I checked my resources and I have this tool!  So, now I will explore it.

    May the Lord continue to empower you for a life of ministry,


  • Tim,

    Thanks for the reply.  I'm thinking of an evaluation tool for specific ministries of the church.  It would be also helpful if the tool could help the team vision for the future, but...

  • Sam,

    Thank you for writing this article on liturgy and liturgical training.  I agree with you: there is much to be done in terms of training liturgists for weekly worship.  To this end, we...

  • Sam,

    Thank you for writing this reflection on the Prayers of the People.  I'm thinking quite a bit about this ministry right now, so I appreciate your thoughts on the topic.  I work hard on...

    posted on: Winging Our Prayers
  • Rev. Tamminga,

    Thank you for the reminder to care for the single members of our church and community.  I needed to hear this!

    Grace & peace,

    Leon H. Johnston


  • Hi Karen,

    Thank you for the guidance.  This litany will do nicely!

    Peace to you!


  • Hello Jolanda,

    Thank you for this article.  Just what I needed to hear as we begin another season of Sunday School in our local church!  I agree: the best gift we can give our students is a...

  • Hi Sam,

    Thank you for making us aware of these schools that are devoted to worship training.  I'm curious: are any of the schools of worship you mentioned "Reformed" in their doctrine and...