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My Heart Hurts

The reality of my daughter's disability hit home at the IEP meeting a few days ago. I know, she brings many blessings and I should look at all of the positive aspects of the situation. But isn't it okay to say that my heart aches for the "normal-ness" that I dreamed about for her? Do any other parents struggle with this?

Disability Concerns

    Dear Sara, Bev, Wendy & Lorraine,

    Thank you for your encouraging replies to my post.  It felt so good to be validated.  The Lord spoke to me after I posted it in 2 significant...

    posted on: My Heart Hurts
  • Hello!  What a blessing to find this forum!  I appreciate everyone's stories and honesty.

    In a nutshell, I am the wife and mother to a wonderful family of five.  My 12 year old daughter is...