Libby Huizenga

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Why Do We Profess Our Faith?

The practice of profession of faith emerges from a history laced with confusion. As a result of such a complicated history, we often find conflicting approaches to profession of faith. 

Faith Nurture
  • What if we viewed more events in the Christian life as commissioning services? What if, rather than scrapping the idea of commissioning people altogether, we emphasized in other events how we are...

  • This only addresses part of your post, but, in the case of people who refuse background checks, I recommend emphasizing how Safe Church policies protect volunteers as well as children. Background...

  • I was a kid with pretty high levels of anxiety, and a song that I first learned from a Psalty video (remember those?!) that was helpful to me was "I will cast all my cares upon you." 

  • Elizabeth Drescher says that "social media is the landscape of communication."

    We can grow in faith through social media in the same way that we grow through school, work, and family.