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Lloyd Hemstreet

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I've been serving as the Pastor at Coopersville CRC, since 2016.

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What Jesus Did For Me

The Human Sexuality Report has received a lot of attention, and rightly so, as it is an important topic. But a possibly larger issue has arisen in our denomination, that also needs to be addressed, as we ask: Why did Jesus die for me?

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Why Do Churches Cover Up Sin?

We have all seen the cases before, and been left scratching our heads. How did the church miss this? Here are some helpful thoughts from Practical Theology Professor David Murray that we would all do well to consider. 

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  • While these questions are important for some, I think we should note, they don't apply everywhere. While it has taken time, been a process, and there were seasons of conflict, some churches have...

  • As I/Reformed Christians believe in the perspicuity of Scripture, and as Scripture outlines God's design and desire for marriage, yes I would and will continue to speak for that truth, no matter...

  • Why would we deny the science, and only look at the lower functioning vaccine immunity, versus considering the broader immunity from natural infection and recovery?

  • My church doesn't withhold any funds, nor is there any S.S. offset in my call letter/support package, just my annual salary. However, taxes were mentioned in my final year at CTS, and so I was...

  • A healthy call back to making the Gospel our central driving focus. Thanks Izaak!

  • Finishing a series (10 weeks) in the Canons of Dort Sunday morning. Preaching through the Gospel of John in the evening service (up to chapter 6 so far).

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  • This will be our third year as well, and our church does things similar to Mindie's. We only have lessons 1-4 (Mon-Thur) during the week, inviting everyone to join us on Sunday. During the AM...

  • Thanks for bringing up the discussion Harry. Besides possibly pitting churches against their Classis, as you warned of, I'm afraid that the "Reimiganing"really doesn't go that far. I like the...

  • Absolutely, Scripture comes first! Process/rules should be applied as evenly and fairly as we can, while keeping the first things first.

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  • Thanks Staci!

    posted on: The Sin of Process?