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Retired already ten years from 35 years of service with CRWM and CRHM in Latin American (Spanish) as a "missionary pastor."

With Mary Anne we have five children and 14 grandkids.  I try to maintain involvement in projects both local (Holland MI in the summer,

lots of "pulpit supply" preaching and in Escondido California with a faith-based rehab ranch and area especially hispanic ministries) and

in El Salvador.  Support for a Word and Deed ministry with the ES CRCs (see ElSalvadorProject.Weebly.com) and other reformed leaders

in that country.   



I do quite a bit of gardening; is cutting firewood from a woodlot "forest husbandry"?  With Mary Anne we are promoting the kinds of issues that

the Center for Public Justice educates about; we are also trained as facilitators for Churches between Borders workshop on Immigration.

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Immigration Dilemma

Around 250 Salvadorans leave the country every day. There are no exact numbers because migrating continues being something “clandestine, invisible” from the authorities. It doesn’t matter in what conditions youth live, they want to leave.

Biblical Justice
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Together Again? Word and Deed

I choose to post this on the Global Mission site because this is where I tried to nudge conversation a year and a half ago (see the blog: Concept of a Global World Missions Agency). Pray with all that ensuing decisions will lead to the necessary, concrete steps to getting the CRCNA's world-wide witness "together again."

Global Mission
  • Lord have mercy

  • I read Becoming Whole (Fikkert and Kapic); good grounding of the earlier popular and helpful When Helping Hurts.  

  • "Life is lived forward, but understood backwards" wrote Soren Kirkegaard.  I turned 80 this month, and am looking back on some aspects of life for understanding even while moving forward.  God...

  • Lets not kid ourselves; the reasons behind a lot of immigration assistance back in the 70s and 80s was also political: anti-communism!

    And once the flow of immigrants changed to "illegals"...

  • This is a very important contribution, Andy; thanks.  I have always seen the importance of deacon's conferences at the Classis level and helped introduce that already in Argentina (Synodical level...

  • I was privileged lately to get a signed copy of Reading Genesis and Science from long time friend and fellow believer/church member Frank De Haan.  I read it with keen interest, and heartily...

  • Thanks, Dan, for putting your very cogent thoughts down; most of this makes a lot of sense to me.  And I have given it considerable thought ever since writing a 1987 (?) front page Banner piece...

  • Great to see this training having taken place.  A few of us go back a long way in efforts in Southern California to see Hispanic ministry grow.  May this new stage prosper and bear fruit.   ---Lou...

  • Petite wife Linda doesn't come in for a mention in this otherwise great article about Jim.  

  • Thanks, Liam, for a sensitive thought process yet in the end decisive resolution to this dilemma.  Scriptural, and good missiology.

    Ground for the kingdom has been lost in the past for lack...

    posted on: But Is It Safe?