About Me: 

Retired already ten years from 35 years of service with CRWM and CRHM in Latin American (Spanish) as a "missionary pastor."

With Mary Anne we have five children and 14 grandkids.  I try to maintain involvement in projects both local (Holland MI in the summer,

lots of "pulpit supply" preaching and in Escondido California with a faith-based rehab ranch and area especially hispanic ministries) and

in El Salvador.  Support for a Word and Deed ministry with the ES CRCs (see ElSalvadorProject.Weebly.com) and other reformed leaders

in that country.   



I do quite a bit of gardening; is cutting firewood from a woodlot "forest husbandry"?  With Mary Anne we are promoting the kinds of issues that

the Center for Public Justice educates about; we are also trained as facilitators for Churches between Borders workshop on Immigration.

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