lynn wielenga

  • Wonderful post! I also play flute as worship and I wish I could play by ear.  You have a special gift!  I'm glad that you share've inspired me to play my flute today :)

  • Thanks for sharing your insights (I mean that sincerely) on what it's like to experience blindness.

  • Happy 10th Birthday to the CRCNA Network and administrative staff!

  • Thank you for graciously allowing me to share this with my church...I really appreciate it, Sonja!

  • Sonja,  your post articulates not just the physical but also the mental/emotional/spiritual struggle for those of us living with a chronic illness.  I have ulcerative colitis and understand this...

  • Hello from Hull IA :)

  • Hi Jess, Thanks for sharing how God is teaching you reliance on Him...we all need that! I noticed you're from LeMars and I just wanted to let you know about a NAMI support group that meets monthly...

  • Hi Becky,

    I'm a volunteer disability advocate and graduated from Dordt College (now University) with a minor in art...nice to meet you!


  • I attended the Gathering in Sioux Center this past spring, thanks for coming to speak with us. I especially appreciate your point of focusing on what people CAN do...everybody serves!

  • What a wonderful opportunity to speak for a pro-life rally! Thanks for sharing your story, Sarah. Every life is a precious gift to be received with joy, just as your parents did.  HOPE is powerful...