Marcel deRegt

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I currently serve with  Youth Unlimited with 15+ years of youth ministry experience within the context of the local church. I started youth ministry programs in two churches, leading them as a volunteer. Spent the past 5 years serving full-time as Youth Pastor at Cornerstone CRC. Before Cornerstone CRC, I worked 11 years with the Bible League and 7 of those years as their Youth Ministries Director. In addition to my former employment and years as a church youth leader, I have experience networking with youth workers in the context of my local community and nationally with the Christian Reformed Church of Canada. I also serve as an advisor to the Youth Specialties Canadian Youth Workers Convention and led multiple intergenerational trips to places like Russia, Philippines, China, India, Nigeria, Zambia and Israel.

Personally, I am committed to following Christ wherever called, a devoted husband and father of three beautiful children and a man who is passionate about using my God-given gifts to help churches and their youth workers challenge youth to commit their lives to Jesus Christ.

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  • Thanks for your comment Ken. I agree, as a parent, we can not invest enough into our children. We also can not show enough appreciation for the youth workers who invest in their lives!

    posted on: Do You Care?
  • Hi, I agree with Ken - sorry for not responding earlier. These are tough questions that you are asking but I am sure many young adults across North America are asking the same questions - how far... view

    posted on: Where's the line?
  • Yes, I am familiar with it and actually have the manuel sitting on my desk. Very good material. I have not yet used it or recommended it to any youth group for you to follow-up with. 

    posted on: 3Story?